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Fifty Shades of Gender

We get curious about all things gender, sex and sexuality, as well as feminism (the inclusive kind), mental health and kink, and all that makes us humans unique and diverse. From body positivity to body dysmorphia, it’s all welcome here. Come with us on a journey of inclusion, acceptance and respect.

May 20, 2021

Jay Genesis is a German living in the UK, and lover of languages, podcasts and art. Jay's pronouns are any except he and she, with the neopronouns ve/ver/vis as a favourite. Ve uses the gender labels transandrogynous, genderqueer, nonbinary, abinary and maverique. Other labels include bi/pan oriented aroace and multiply disabled. Find out what that means to Jay in this episode. We also talk about what the label 'queer' can encompass, different types of attraction and how they can be experienced, love languages, anarchy and feminism, sovereignty versus autonomy, the issues with gender terminology in different languages, and feeling safe when you're part of the minority of the minority. More on